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1. Michael Sherman

Age: 29 - August 19, 1982
Where You've Seen Him: OZ (HBO Series), Nike Commercial "The Great Return"
Coming soon: After 100+ failed auditions and a truly amazing story about a hungry actor, you'll soon see Michael in many major motion pictures being released around 2013.
Buzz factor: Michael's excessive "failure" caught the attention of a few of Hollywood's finest and most well known writers and producers. He's finally cashing in after a rampage of failed auditions. He recently landed a star role as a personality very similiar to his own.

Read the full story behind Michael's success after 100's of failed auditions [click here]

2. Kristen Stewart

Age: 21 - April 9, 1990
Where You've Seen Her: Twilight, New Moon, Into The Wild
Coming soon: Snow White and the Huntsman, The Twilight Saga, On the Road
Buzz factor: Kristen, raised in Los Angeles, is the daughter of John Stewart, stage manager and FOX's television producer, who co-produced the Ryan Seacrest Show, "on-Air".

This girl sings, dances and acts - one serious trio.

3. Robert Pattinson

Age: 25 - May 13, 1986
Where You've Seen Him: Twilight, Remember Me
Coming soon: Twilight Saga, Cosmopolis
Buzz factor: The originally shy Robert Pattinson has wanted to be a performer since his childhood days. It was his father that encouraged him to persue a career as an actor.

His career took off after getting lucky enough to meet with Mike Newell, the director of 2005's Harry Potter movie.

4. Anthony Mackie

Age: 32 - September 23, 1979
Where You've Seen Him: The Hurt Locker, .
Coming soon: Liberty Lane, Gangster Squad
Buzz factor: Anthony didn't exactly walk down an 8-mile road. He started his career in a stage production playing the once popular rapper, Tupac Shakur. That was all she wrote.

5. Jesse Eisenberg

Age: 27 - October 5, 1983
Where You've Seen Her: The Social Network, 30 Minutes or Less
Coming soon: Now You See Me, While We're Young
Buzz factor: Jesse made his first appearance in the comedy driven TV show "Get Real". He landed his first major role in the film Roger Dodger.

More notably, he recently starred in "The Social Network".

6. Chris Evans

Age: 30 - June 13, 1981
Where You've Seen Him: Fantastic Four, Street Kings, Captain America
Coming soon: The Avengers
Buzz factor: Chris is the son of a Dentist and an artistic director, and the nephew of U.S Congressman Mike Capuano. His younger brother, Scott, was featured on ABC soap opera "One Life to Live".

His big break came after filming "Not Another Teen Movie". He later starred in "The Perfect Score" and "Cellular".

7. Chris Hemsworth

Age: 28 - August 11, 1983
Where You've Seen Him: Thor, Star Trek
Coming soon: Rush, The Expendables 2, The Avengers
Buzz factor: Chris initially failed to gain a role in "Home and Away" but was later recalled for another part in the show.

In 2009, he played James T. Kirk's dad in Star Trek. He rivaled his brother for the role of "Thor" and was a success, obviously.

8. Andrew Garfield

Age: 28 - August 20, 1983
Where You've Seen Him: The Social Network, Never Let Me Go
Coming soon: The Amazing Spider-Man !!
Buzz factor: Not so well known actor, Andrew, originally known for his parts in "Lions for Lambs" and "Boy A", is no longer not so well known.

Andrew starred in "The Social Network" and is now the main for "The Amazing Spider-Man", which is awesome.

9. Jennifer Lawrence

Age: 21 - August 15, 1990
Where You've Seen Her: Winters Bone, X-Men: First Class
Coming soon: The Hunger Games, The Silver Linings Playbook
Buzz factor: Louisville, Kentucky gal, Jennifer Lawrence, started her career in TBS's "The Bill Engvall Show".

After successful performances in "Winter's Bone" and "The Burning Plain", her career is starting to really take off and she will be starring in the recent flick, "The Hunger Games".

10. Olivia Wilde

Age: 27 - March 10, 1984
Where You've Seen Her: TRON, House M.D., Cowboys and Aliens
Coming soon: Lovelace, The Longest Week, The Words
Buzz factor: Better known as "Cockburn", Mrs. Olive Wilde is an American actress and fashion model. She recently appeared in the serial-drama "The O.C." and "The Black Donnellys".

In 2008, she received the "Rising Star Award" and will be starring in the film "TRON".
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